Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Angry Birds

We all know and love the game, but yesterday Hank and I played a real life version of the game!

After lunch I went for a short walk with my camera.  Hank followed along {and pretended to be deaf when I called him}.  There were some gorgeous things I had been noticing that I wanted to capture and possibly paint.

As we were walking back towards our house I stopped to take some shots and Hank continued a little further towards home.  He stopped to smell the bushes when I noticed that there were two birds that were very disturbed that he was in their space.  They continued to swoop down and flap their wings at him while making loud calls.

Can you see it here?  How about if I tell you that Hank is in the bushes closest to the road?


How about if I do this?  See the bird flying in from where the dark green trash can is?


Hank was so terrified he may never recover!NIK_1673

See the terror in his eyes?NIK_1674

“Oh, Hey! There you are!”NIK_1675

“Are you coming?  My nap isn’t going to take itself.”


“OK, I’ll come get you.”


As Hank came to see what I was up to the birds kept him under close watch.


“Oh look!  More bushes to smell!”


“I think I hear my boys playing {Told you he just plays deaf!}


“Time to go get that nap!”


Not only did he never hear a thing, he never saw a thing either.

He’s a good dog, but somewhere along the way he lost any and all bird dog instincts!

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