Monday, May 27, 2013

Island Hopping- Spanish Wells part 3


While we were in Spanish Wells Scott taught Allen how to paddle board.

I knew Allen would be good at it, but I had no idea how quickly he would master it.  After about 10 minutes of Allen tooling around in the shallow waters, Scott said he was going to paddle board around the island.  He asked Allen if he wanted to come.  He kind of said something like, just go until you tire out and then call the girls and they can pick you up in the golf cart.  There was a really strong wind that day.

This is the “Missing” photo I took.  The one I would have printed on the posters followed by, “Last seen paddle boarding  near Spanish Wells Bahamas”


An hour and fifteen minutes later, Scott rounded the corner and we saw him heading back.  About 10 minutes after that Allen popped up around the corner too.  He paddled the whole way.   If you know Allen you’re not surprised.


The boys played with the paddle boards for ages.  Up and down, up and down!

4 boys 1 paddleboard


Even though we were getting pretty worn out, we had plans for more fun.  We went to Margo’s cousin’s property on Russell Island and fed the goats and collected wood.

SW (43)SW (47)SW (50)SW (55)

SW (59)

There was some Sanford and Son action!SW (62)

Before dinner the guys built a pit for a bonfire and I chased the boys around with my camera!NIK_2186


Some boys were more cooperative then others.

After dinner we headed out for the fire.  Scott showed them how to dig their chairs out.SW (82)

Margo, Vicky and I had a very fancy seat as well!

SW (85)SW (87)

We stayed up very late, but it was totally worth it!

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