Monday, May 6, 2013

On living in Paradise

After living here for over two and a half years, I am starting to realize something about living in a paradise.
For you, maybe it is the Caribbean, or the mountains or in a shopping mall, but for all of us we have that one place where we feel the most at peace. Our happy place. At different times in our lives the place may change.  I know after I had Jackson my happy place was in my bed!
Over lunch last Sunday Allen and I were discussing that one of the days on our last cruise was so amazing and how we would love to go back there.  Just one more day on that beach.  I reminded him that the beaches that we regularly go to here are better than that beach we went to that day. 
The difference was that we were on vacation and we had an absence of responsibility.  No children to watch in the water, no Blackberry buzzing  and the waiter with a French accent didn’t hurt either.
Even though we have lived in what some people consider paradise for well over two years, there is still something to wish for.  We have it so incredibly good here, but our lives are not a vacation.
Life is life no matter where you live it.  I get my kids ready for school, go buy dog food, eat tuna for lunch, change the sheets, go to soccer practice, and make dinner in what many people consider paradise.
No matter where you live and how much you love it, there is always something to wish for.  I’m beginning to realize that what we really love may not be a place after all.  It is just that when we are in that “happy place” we are able to have a level of peace that our every day lives don’t afford us.
We will return to the U.S. We may even end up in a place that we have lived before. We do know that it will be what some consider ordinary compared to our lives here.
It makes me wonder if this isn’t perhaps the biggest lesson we might learn from living here.  I’m beginning to wonder if there aren’t “happy places” all around all of us, just waiting to be noticed.
Where is your happy place?

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  1. Wonderful post! My happy place is in the mountains and walking through the woods at my parent's house. But I also love it when all 4 of us are home and the kids are playing games or reading and everything is peaceful.


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