Thursday, May 16, 2013

Student of the Week

Jackson was named Student of the Week again.  We couldn’t be more pleased.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I really love their school.  It is old fashioned, but also really sweet.  The children are generally very well mannered and polite.

They say a prayer in their school that I think everyone should say, “Make me dear Lord polite and kind to everyone, I pray; and may I ask you dear Lord, how you find yourself today?”

So his teacher gets up to announce her student of the week.

She said something to the effect of:


“My student of the week is such a hard worker. Every morning he comes in and not just un stacks his chair, but also the chairs of all his classmates. We recently had a big reading test that was hard. He really worked his…… off ----UMMM, well he worked really hard!” NIK_2067

Then she turned 3 shades of red.  See the big kids in the back smiling?  They are saying, “Did she almost say “a** at assembly?”NIK_2068



We’re so proud of him for working his bottom off every day!

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  1. Yea Jackson!!! Congratulations

    Love you
    Aunt Chele


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