Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What the Heck Wednesday? Tourists

My smart husband has been known to say, “Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.”  He is absolutely correct.

It doesn’t take too long to live in a vacation destination before you get a little weary of the tourists. We are just as guilty as anyone else.  I am sure if I flew to New York City tomorrow I would get a lot of eye rolls from the locals.

You see when we think of ourselves as tourists, we think we look something like this.

Tourists shopping in the Bahamas

In reality we look like this


In order to make it more fun I’ve stared naming the tourists…according to the stereotype.  Of course it can be difficult to get photos without being too obvious!  But I have rounded up a few from my files!

Cruise ship families.

may (31)

College age partiersIMG_0156

The “oh so typical” type.  Oh wait, that is my brother!  I think he gave his wife the fanny pack by this time!

april (1)

The Brazilians


The Asians also known as “I will perish before sun ever touches my skin”


The “my sunburns turn into tan” type.


The “I’m too sexy for me to notice your kids splashing me” type


You can look at it a couple of different ways.  These people are coming here to experience new things and yet they are so much of what they are in their world, that they become a stereotype.   or you could say that these tourists bring valuable money and resources to a place with little of either.  We love tourists!

What kid of tourist are you?

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