Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother’s Day Memories

This year my beloved firstborn told me that for Mother’s Day he would like to take me to Atlantis for my present.  He sealed the deal by saying, “I have $16.”  How can we say no to that?  If Atlantis is paradise in his mind, it must be paradise to mine, right?

Of course Atlantis is super fun, but it is it my idea of a relaxing, carefree day?  Apparently the correct answer is yes!  I got busy making us some reservations.

I kept it all rather hush-hush because my boys have been known to ask me roughly 684 times {in an hour} if it is time for XYZ yet!  So Saturday morning we got up and I went to get a pedicure.  I felt that if I was going to be bopping around a resort for the weekend, it would be rude not to have one!

When I got back from that great pedi, we told the boys to get ready for a day at the pool.  They didn’t notice that were were bringing several extra bags with us.  Love their innocent minds.

After we drove to the other side of the island, and went over the enormous bridge leading to Paradise Island and they still hadn’t guessed where were going, we let them in on it!  We quickly checked in and headed for the pools.

The day didn’t disappoint!  We had an absolute blast!

Jackson amazed us by begging to go up the steepest and scariest slide at Atlantis.  You have to be 48 inches tall.  Guess who is 49 inches tall?  He was not at all shy to let the folks there know it too!

So we thought he would get to the top, chicken out and walk back down to the slides that regular people do.

Yeah, that didn’t happen!


Allen was a good sport and did it with him each time.


I kid!  He seemed just as excited as Jackson! Look at Jackson waiting to give his dad a high five at the bottom!


In case you didn’t know it, this is the slide that was on the Amazing Race.  The same slide that a grown woman was too terrified to go down, so she lost her chance at the million dollars rather than go down that slide.  My guys did it for zero dollars and aero cents!


I went through a few of big slides that are still pretty intense.  I sure do love that boy!  We did all the Power Tower ones together too!

I did The Surge and  it almost killed me.  In my defense, the whole thing was in the dark.  I have a picture.  It will never be shown!

OK  I’ll show you!


I had to blur it. Couldn’t show you all my bits that shouldn’t be shown. Seriously though, it was that fast.  No way to get a picture the slide is so fast!!

Here is a review I read about The Surge:

The Surge slide is by far one of the most thrilling ever. Located atop the Power Tower under a crypt-like coffin, you know what you're getting yourself into before you slide to your doom. The Surge is definitely breath-taking, so it's not a slide for the faint of heart. As soon as you position yourself at the top, you're plunging at a complete ninety-degree vertical angle straight to the bottom, where torrents of water flush you out into a dark pool surrounded by an aquarium cave. There are lifeguards at the bottom just to make sure you made it out alive.

See how blurry they are?  It’s because they were going so darn fast!!



We tried keeping him on slides like these.  No dice.  He wanted that rush!


Miller had his heart broken repeatedly.  He wanted to do those slides!  Soon enough little dude!


He watched the sharks waiting for his dad and Jackson to come through that slide.


There was lots of Lazy river action.  Nothing lazy about that river!






At the end of the day, we had a nice dinner at Carmine’s.  Came back to the room to chill and zonk out for the night.  So we could get up and do it all over again.

may (87)may (98)

You know what?  Jackson ended up planning the best Mother’s Day after all.  Sure it was as restful as running a marathon-two days in a row- but we were together and happy!

Thanks for the memories! Especially to Allen who worked so hard to make it all so much fun.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I would have to be pushed in to go down that big slide! The lazy river looks lovely! (And just my speed!)


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