Friday, May 17, 2013

The Chocolate Factory

This week Miller went on his first field trip.  They went to a chocolate factory.  All future field trips will be known as “pitiful” after having such an awesome time for his first experience! This chocolate factory is new here.

I wasn’t able to go, so I was so pleased that another mom was able to send these to me!

Would you look at that cup of chocolate he had?  I guarantee he had no ability to listen when that was placed in front of him.  So I decided to see if he recalled anything!

m choc 2

Miller Says, “I made a chocolate bar. I even made chocolate stuff: chocolate marshmallow, chocolate strawberry. I even get to eat some coconut {pause to suck up the saliva} and strawberry. I digged for chocolate like shells in white color. It was white chocolate mommy.” m choc 3

When I asked him what he learned he said, “I learned I wanted to make a chocolate roll for Jackson, Daddy, Mama and me. I learned I wanted to make a chocolate bar.”

m choc           

When asked if he knew anything else about chocolate he gave me this: “I know chocolate is for dessert.”

We obviously need to teach him quite a bit more about chocolate!                 

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