Monday, March 10, 2014


When were visiting San Diego, I knew I wanted to see Coronado.  I’ve heard amazing things about the Hotel del Coronado as well as the island.  As soon as we drove onto the island I was mesmerized.  There are adorable houses and cottages everywhere you turn.  There is a main shopping street called Orange Ave.  and the hotel was everything I pictured. 


We got off to a rocky start with a little misbehavior from the boys, but they got straightened out and we ended up having a lovely day. 


We parked and walked to the Hotel del and from there we went onto the beach.   There was a guy there who had built this amazing sand castle.  Since he had a website and tip jar strategically placed all around it, I’m guessing he is a pro.



I was eager for the boys to get their feet wet in the Pacific.  They did want to go in, but I knew that water was cold and they didn’t protest too much once they dipped their little piggies in the water.


Can I just tell you how much I love this picture up there?  Do you see how Miller is reaching out to hold Jackson’s hand.  he still likes to hold hands when he is unsure about things.  Jackson is always his first choice for reassurance.  Tender!

As quickly as possible, they had to start climbing on the rocks.  They may be part beach boy, but they are also part mountain goat.




I don’t know where they get it from?


After our visit to the beach and Hotel del, we ate lunch at a great Mexican restaurant.  We love us so Mexican food and Miguel’s Cocina did not disappoint.


It was also National Margarita Day, so bonus!  {Remember what I did last year on National Margarita Day?}


We spent the rest of the day exploring the rest of the island.  Funny story… we saw this little Hummer Golf cart in the lot of a rental car agency.  As I was running inside to see how much it was to rent for the day, Allen points out that it wasn’t a rental car lot, but a public parking lot beside a rental car company.  At this point Jackson had released the brake and was about to drive off!  Allen’s face was so red!NIK_5764


We picked up a real estate guide and the prices for the homes there start at a million.  It was still fun to look, though.


As I said in our last post we blew the budget on the LEGOLAND Hotel.  It was so worth it, but it would have been nice to be able to stay at the Hotel del.  However, we never know what the future holds and maybe that will be in the cards for us in the years to come.

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