Wednesday, March 12, 2014


While we were in California, we spent several days in the town where Allen was working.  I don’t really have any {good} pictures of it…let’s just say that it’s no Bahamas. 

However one morning, the boys and I were out doing some errands when we saw something that literally made me stop in my tracks.  If you’ve seen them once in your life, you’ll never forget it, but then to accidentally come across them while going to the post office?  Unbelievable!  Ok I need to stop and tell you something….

I may have mentioned that my father was a Naval Aviator.  He retired from that shortly after I was born, but both of my parents had a deep love of flying.  My mom still goes up and does aerial photography any chance she can get.  As children we never had any kind of super hero or rock star type of heroes, but we had a total admiration and certain awe of the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels.  In case you do not know about them here is a video to blow your mind.  Please watch it…

So when the boys and I are driving to the post office and I happen to glimpse them as I’m going to the post office?  I almost freaked out.  The boys had no idea about the The Blue Angels   {and frankly I had been oohing and ahhing about the different scenery so much while we were in California, they were a little robotic by then} But this!  This was major!

A few days later we were with Allen and he drove us past an area that he knew would be better for catching sight of them.  It turns out that they practice in the same area where he was working every Winter.  Who knew?  Anyway this totally was the cherry on top for me and this trip to California.  I didn’t have the right lens on my camera, but here is the best of what I could get.

Can you see them?


How about now?


That formation is what is one of their hallmarks and it just blows my mind.


This may be so boring to you, but for me, it was absolutely amazing and I don’t think I will forget it any time soon!

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  1. Another adventure I am jealouse of! Glad you guys got to see them!!
    Aunt Chele


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