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When Allen and I were planning the trip to California, we had some choices to make.   We learned very early on that a family trip is a family trip and a vacation is a vacation.  They are very different things and should never be confused.  You may have a few minutes of vacation on a family trip, but let’s be honest here, traveling with a family is not relaxing in the least.  Vacations are relaxing,  family trips notsomuch.  Confusing a family trip with a vacation is a recipe for a mommy meltdown {not that I know or anything}.

We also knew that we were going to be at LEGOLAND and that the boys were really wanting to stay at the LEGOLAND hotel.  In theory we agreed with them.  It’s just that that place is expensive.  Like more comparable to the Ritz Carlton.  However, the fact remained that this was a Family Trip and not a vacation and we needed to consider what was best for the family.  So we bit the bullet and stayed one night at LEGOLAND hotel.  We ended up getting a package that included tickets for 2 days and one breakfast {which was so fantastic that it is the breakfast by which all other “free” breakfasts shall be measured}.  In the end we were very pleased with our decision.


When you enter the LEGOLAND Hotel you are greeted by a huge play area for children to build and play while the adults check in. 


There are also some really cool models in the lobby too.  I really loved the display behind the front desk.  It has over 5,00o minifigures and the wheels of the bike are actually magnifying glass.  The bike moves and shows the details of the minifigures.  How cool is that?


Miller could not pass by the child sized bell hop without shaking his hand and telling a few secrets.


Jackson built a robot while we were checking in—they are a specialty of his!


Upon check in the children get a scavenger hunt where they look at things in the hotel and write down numbers.  When they get to the room there is a treasure chest which they could unlock with the numbers.  They were very serious about that.  Well as serious as you can be at a hotel with Legos.

When you get to the elevator there is a little something to keep the kids entertained while you wait for the elevator.


It is a Whoopee Cushion in the floor!  We gave that thing a work out!  They kept singing the theme song for the Lego Movie while we were there, “everything is Awesome” and they were right, it was awesome!

Once you get in the elevator it surprises you when the light dims and they disco music comes on.  That’s right!  A disco elevator.  Who thinks of these things?  The boys thought it was a hoot!


There was never any doubt that we would choose a pirate themed room for our stay{they also have Adventure and Medieval themed rooms} the boys quickly opened the safe with their goodies.  They were delighted to find two minifigures, two chocolate coins and two LEGO magazines.


I was positive that I took pictures of the room, but I do not seem to have them here on my camera, so…  the above is the adult area of the room and here you can see the length of the room.


I borrowed these pictures from the internet

The parents area


The children’s area.  I loved that they had a separate space, but it was close enough.  They loved all the special touches  and that it had its own TV {they never turned it on}. 


The bathroom was not overlooked one bit.  Although it was the size of a normal hotel bathroom is was well designed and had lots of special touches.


photo credit

We ate dinner at the hotel and I do have to say that it was the one part of our stay that was not great.  Dinner took almost an hour to arrive and was cold.  They took care of the dinner for us, but it was a disappointment.

The boys enjoyed watching the Olympics and playing with the Legos that were provided at the tables.


This was before Miller passed out cold at the table.  Poor guy didn’t even remember getting tucked into his Lego Pirate bed.


Here are a few of the cool displays that were in our room.  Every detail is so well thought out.



Each room has at least 8 models.  We stayed in a premium room  and I think we had a few extra decorations.NIK_5257NIK_5258NIK_5259NIK_5260NIK_5261NIK_5263NIK_5265

Overall we were very pleased with our stay.  We would definitely go back. 

Here is a great video that shows many of the highlights in case you’re interested.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Wish I was there to see it in person.
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