Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Field Trip Bahamas Style

Last week Miller’s class had an amazing opportunity to visit a local beach and learn about some of the things that make living on an island so amazing.   We took them to Jaws beach and there were volunteers from BREEF there to educate them about some of the amazing creatures found along the shores here.


They found lots of crabs, snails and even a brittle sea star.



Afterwards they took the children in to snorkel.

Just let that soak in.  Our children went on a snorkeling field trip…in Kindergarten.  As the boys would say, totally epic!



I’m not sure if they really saw anything while they were swimming, because the water was a little bit stirred up and it wasn’t as clear as normal.NIK_5898NIK_5916

Whether or not they actually saw anything, I am pretty sure this boy loved every second of it!NIK_5918

So thankful for these amazing experiences!


  1. Truly amazing experiences! Enjoy them all!
    Aunt Chele

  2. hopely my daughter can get the same experience the next day when she was growing up


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