Monday, March 3, 2014

Doubly Honored

Last Friday at the school assembly the boys were honored in high fashion.  They were both named Student of the Week by the Art teacher.  Miller for picking up trash from the field during play time. Jackson for being mature when his art project was misplaced.  {She said he sat down for a minute and didn’t pout and then asked her what he could do to help since he couldn’t paint!}  My heart was bursting! 


{Jackson’s class performed a skit that day, which is why he is channeling Johnny Cash in all black}

Then it got even better.

Jackson was named Student of the Week by his teacher for always being a good boy and following directions.  He does always try to be good, {with varying degrees of success} and we’ve worked on following directions for years.  Glad he is showing those skills at school!

After that the Librarian got up and named him Student of the Week because he returned a classmate’s library book because his friend was away and he didn’t want him to have an overdue book.

Jackson has set a record as they said that the school had a child named student of the week by three separate teachers.  I am so very proud of my boys!

As a treat, I told them that I would take them to the sports store and let them pick out something as a reward for a job well done.

  Jackson tried to pick a dart board!?  What?  We ended up leaving with a small ramp for his skateboard.  I am sure I will regret it, but hopefully I’ll regret it less than a dart board!

I am so grateful for boys who are realizing that hard work has it’s rewards.  My goal is for them to be polite and kind and am thankful that they go to a school where these traits are encouraged and rewarded.

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  1. Yea Jackson and Miller! Way to go.......I am very proud!
    Aunt Chele


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