Monday, March 24, 2014

Parent Teacher Conference

We recently had our parent teacher conferences.  I always walk in with a pretty good idea of what they have to say.  At this point in their lives I am in the school every day, so there is lots of communication.  As I walked into Jackson’s conference, I said some thing to the effect of, “He’s doing fine, but needs to work on his handwriting.”  His teacher laughed and said, “Pretty much.”  She passed this colorful paper across the desk to me.  She had them write five things he thought we would discuss.IMG_3018

He thought:

1) I could work on my handwriting.

2) I’m good at Adishon.

3) I pay atenshon.

4) I’m a good reader.

5) I am a good drawer.

He is right!  He is great at so many things and he continues to struggle with his handwriting.  He has progressed to cursive and does pretty well when he takes his time.  We’re working on that.  Coming soon is multiplication.  Dun dun DUN!

I’m so proud of that boy!

Miller’s conferences are usually the same too.  This one was just what I expected as well.  He has an amazing imagination, he is an awesome reader and he makes everyone laugh.  He is also a challenge to teach because you never know what to expect.  He also  gets it in his mind that he can’t or doesn’t want to do something, there is no changing his mind.  We are working on that too.

I’m amazed by all the progress Miller has made in the last year too.  He has matured so much and is such an amazing learner.

I have to say how wonderful their teachers have been this year!  I wish that their entire schooling they could have teachers that are so perfect for each of them as they do this year.


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