Tuesday, March 4, 2014

LEGOLAND California Day 2

Our second day at LEGOLAND California was just as amazing as our first.  While we were at breakfast we each decided what our top priority was for the day so we made sure that no one would leave disappointed that we didn’t get to do what they wanted to do before we left.  Allen and Miller both wanted to go back to the Project X rollercoaster.  So we hit it-twice!


The second time Jackson insisted that I ride in the front with him.  Great!


I wanted to go on the boat ride that takes you around the back of Miniland.  There are so many amazing Lego creations that you can see from that ride.

The Taj Majal


The Eifel tower



Mount Rushmore


If you look closely you can see that there is a Lego Q-tip cleaning out George Washington’s ear.  The boys adore little details like that!



In the back of the buildings there are often delivery trucks.  They think of everything.  I wonder if all the kids are disappointed that they do not get a personalized shout out in the form of a Lego Delivery truck at LEGOLAND?


We also spent some time in Miniland admiring all the cool creations.


LEGOLAND California even has a section ofMiniland dedicated to Star Wars.


Super cool!



At first Jackson refused to smile for the picture.  Then I realized the was unable to since he had positioned himself in a precarious position with  Chewbacca’s weapon. 


Same thing here!


But trust me, this boy was all smiles all day.  How could you scowl when you are a 7 year old Lego lover at LEGOLAND?!?


Miller continued to love all the “life size” characters!  He stopped at this guy every time we passed by.


We also had to visit the Dragon rollercoaster before we hit the road.  What a blast!


We could have stayed several more hours, but we needed to get going to our next destination and we didn’t want to miss some of the cool scenery in the dark.

Thanks for the memories, LEGOLAND, we will be back!

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