Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Field Trip- Ardastra Gardens

Last week Jackson’s class took a field trip to Ardastra Gardens and Zoo.  Calling it a zoo is a bit of a stretch, but since they do have animals in captivity, we’ll go with it.

First we were introduced to the head zoo keeper.  She brought her friend with her.


The snake had just molted and the colors on her skin were lovely.


As we walked around we saw plenty of animals and some pretty plants as well.


This monkey stole my heart!


While we were standing close to this monkey, the zookeeper walked by.  Look how the monkey is totally flirting and showing its prettiest smile.  For a minute we thought it was for us!


He is fascinated with animals and loved getting so close to the birds.




The flamingo show is the highlight of the visit.  Have I ever shown you the flamingos?  They are trained to march around in formation.


It is really amazing to see.NIK_6057

They pick a few students to go up and stand with the flamingos.  It is so fun.  They also let us know that it is mating season and if we come back in a couple of weeks, we may see some baby  flamingos. { I don’t know if I could stand the cuteness}


Ardastra gardens is such an original place.  If you visit Nassau, it is worth a stop.

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  1. Man US field trips are going to be such a let down now!
    Aunt Chele


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